Tips to Lease a Car in 9 Phases

Published on by Nicholas C. Clarke

Tips to Lease a Car in 9 Phases

Leasing a car is less cumbersome than buying one. But to obtain the best deal on the car you like, you will need to still carry out these steps:

Phase 1. Select a type— whattype of car are you looking for? Better still, precisely what car do you really need? A convertible car? A sedan? An SUV?

Phase 2.Select your models— List out car types in your budget. You could decrease non-lease expenses by including models with extremely good gas mileage, higher reliability; best safety capabilities and minimal insurance fees (seek advice from your auto insurance agent for a listing of vehicles that match the expenses).

Phase 3.Have a test drive— Right after you’ve narrowed your list to a couple of models, take each of the car for a test drive. Pay specific attention to ease and comfort, visibility, braking, steering, interior noise as well as shock-absorption. At this point, don’t yet mention you plan to lease (a lot more on this in Phase 6).

Phase 4.Inquire about safety— During your test drive , ask the sales representative whether or not the vehicle comes along with anti-lock brake systems ( ABS ) , electronic stability control ( ESC ) and head-protecting side air bags . All of which are very important safety features.

Phase 5.Compare and contrast lease deals— once you get back home from the dealer, calculate the lease deals available and determine how much you really can afford to pay every month.

Phase 6.Talk price first— As soon as you’re prepared to go back to a dealership to make a deal, don’t inform the dealer you intend to lease until after you’ve negotiated a purchase price. Many of us who lease are not aware that their monthly payments are going to be determined by the final agreed-upon price.

Phase 7.Bargain up— Negotiate the final price of the vehicle up from the rock-bottom cost to the car dealership. You could find out what new cars cost a dealer for $14 per vehicle at Consumer Reports. Your monthly payments are going to be determined by the price you and the sales representative go with. That price will fall anywhere between the dealer’s wholesale price and the manufacturer’s recommended retail price.

Phase 8. Watch out for gab— Your salesperson may possibly attempt to press you in the direction of closing the deal by concentrating on the relatively low amount you’ll need to pay each month. This, nevertheless, will add to the complete cost you’ll pay.

Phase 9. Paying for the Lease— The bigger your initial up-front payment, the lower your month to month tab is going to be. As with any bill, you’ll face penalties if you neglect to make payments on time. Turning in your leased car earlier, before the loan term comes to an end will usually result in a penalty—unless you are trading in the car for a different leased or purchased car. To lease transfer or lease takeover please visit

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